Norton One: personalised security for PC, Mac, Android

Not everyone can be a computer wiz, and with the Internet being the dangerous place that it is, Symantec is trying to make things easier with the introduction of a new service offering yearly security with personal support.

Called “Norton One”, the service will offer security to five devices, with coverage extending to Mac, PC, and Android phones and tablets using a combination of software, including Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton Mobile Security.

“It’s no longer a PC centric world,” said Symantec’s David Hall. “People have more and more devices and we need to make sure we have protection that revolves around you.”

Devices can be easily added to Norton One, even going so far as to provide a QR code for Android users to scan.

More devices can be added at a cost, but this can be done on an individual device basis, meaning you won’t have to buy a five-pack of licenses at extra cost if you only want to add two computers to your account.

The support is worth noting too, with 24/7/365 personal support, aimed at customers that aren’t confident in their tech skills. From what we were told, Norton One’s support team will even be able to remove malware on devices, provided it’s connected to the web and the Norton One account is active.

Norton One customers will also receive 25GB online backup to the cloud, allowing easy backup of the files people treasure most.

Meanwhile, Norton 360 is also receiving an update, moving to the 6th version of its software while keeping the scans fast and ranking as one of the fastest protection suites in the world. Symantec is also adding Norton 360 Everywhere to its lineup, effectively providing Norton One’s support for multiple operating systems without the personalised support.

Norton 360 version 6 is available now for $129.99, while Norton 360 Everywhere will arrive in April for $149.99. The Norton One annual subscription will cost $199.99 and is hitting later this year.