Norton tells families to have ‘the talk’ with kids

Every family should have a talk with their web surfing younger members. And no, we’re not talking about the birds and the bees. It’s a different sort of talk.

Symantec’s “The Talk” questionnaire is being targeted at families as a way of making parents more aware of what their kids are doing online and helping everyone become safer on the Internet.

A simple print out, the form suggests parents go through questions such as what are the coolest websites they visit, are the children aware of cyber-bullying, and if they ever get messages from strangers.

Education is the key motivator behind the Norton question sheet, the answers being used as a means to educate both the parents and children.

Do you know what your kids are doing online?

We’d hazard a guess that most online activity for your children is unknown to you, so we’ve got the Norton questionnaire online for you in case you want to try it with your kids.