Not everyone is lining up for the new iPhone

It probably won’t surprise you to know that there are people waiting in line in front of Apple Stores across the country, eager to be the first to get their mitts on an iPhone 5, behind us, of course. But that’s not for everyone, and quite a few people are expecting deliveries at home.

There are those tonight who are eating dinner in lawn-chairs, braving the late-evening chill, and sitting outside the Apple Store waiting for morning to arrive.

We’ve certainly seen them in Sydney, and come eight am Friday morning, they’ll walk in one at a time while people clap and cheer, grabbing their new shiny phones and taking them home.

But, as we’ve said, that’s not for everyone, and Optus has this afternoon chimed in to tell us that 70% of its customers that pre-ordered the iPhone 5 will have the new smartphone delivered to their home.

Sure, they won’t get it at the super duper earliest time imaginable, but they can also sleep in and wait for it to come.

We know which we’d pick.