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Windows 10 gives you the opportunity to “clean” the drive — take it!

Always factory reset

Finally, keep in mind what you’re disposing off. If it’s any kind of network product or contains any computer storage, and you’ve used it, however briefly, it will probably contain stuff you don’t want to get out there in the world. You do not want to give out personal information, files, WiFi passwords and so forth.

So perform the highest level of factory reset and file wiping. Remember, file deleting is not the same as wiping. When a computer file is deleted, it often remains in place while the various indexes and pointers are deleted. Even if you delete it from the “Recycle” or “Trash” bin, software tools can recover the data. Wiping ensures the data is gone. Forever. With hard drives that involves overwriting the disc multiple times. With SSDs, Windows 10 has a file erase option during a factory reset. Use it.