OHKI announces a 3D TV under $700, the 3D price war has begun

A couple of weeks ago, Aussie e-tailer Kogan made waves when it announced a 3D TV for under a grand. Now competitor OHKI is going a few hundred cheaper, and we’re expecting the 3D price war to really heat up.

Available form OHKI’s online store within the next couple of months, the new 42-inch 3D LCD TV hits at budget pricing we’ve yet to see on anything supporting 3D technology.

“3D technology is revolutionising the way the world views TV, movies and sport and it’s something Australia is demanding be delivered in an affordable, no-nonsense way,” said Lucas McEntee, the co-founder of OHKI. “The new range of 3D OHKI TVs delivers the best features we could fit in to a 3D TV for under $700.00.”

Those features include built-in PVR functionality, three HDMI ports, two USB ports, and two pairs of 3D glasses packaged in for $699.

We’re checking with OHKI to see if the 3D glasses are supported by any other make of television, but we suspect that much like the recently announced Kogan, the glasses will be specific to the brand.