OK Google coming to all LG 2018 AI TV range

LG 2018 AI TV


OK Google voice assistant will soon be coming to the LG 2018 AI TV range. The marriage extends LG’s ThinQ smart ecosystem beyond its own branded devices.

ThinQ delivers AI features via the TV’s remote control. OK Google needs no additional hardware. The collaboration between Google and LG will add more convenience to consumers’ lives.

It enables any LG 2018 AI  TV to deliver an intuitive AI experience via natural language commands. These can control TV functions/settings, seamlessly discover and play content.

With Google Assistant, LG’s AI TVs allows users to manage different tasks, find answers, or control smart home devices. Press and hold the mic button and ask for information such as the weather forecast, nearby local businesses, or check the score of the big game without disturbing the viewing experience.

Users can relive their favourite moments by displaying memories from Google Photos. Services such as food delivery and transportation will also be easier with the addition of third-party Actions available soon.

It allows LG’s AI TVs to become a smart hub controlling any of the Google Assistant compatible devices – robotic vacuum cleaners, thermostats, air purifiers, smart lighting devices and many more.

“With the Google Assistant now available natively in all LG 2018 AI TV we’re going to see a whole new level of AI adoption in the home,” said Brian Kwon, president of LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

“LG’s unique partnership with Google allows us to be the first TV brand to offer the Google Assistant on our LGoS which is a huge benefit for customers who are fans of webOS. With great partners like Google, we expect there to be much more exciting AI news to come from LG.”

LG’s 2018 AI TVs also work with existing Google Assistant devices such as Google Home and other smart speakers with the Assistant built in, allowing users to send voice commands directly from a separate Assistant device to their LG TV.

GadgetGuy’s take – LG 2018 AI TV “Take me to your leader”

LG has tacitly acknowledged that Google Assistant will become a dominant player in the voice assistant market. In doing so, it has had to redefine what its ThinQ AI is to do. That is to offer system-level control of ThinQ devices. That is good.

I suspect we will see

  • Samsung’s Bixby ( some of its devices already support OK Google too)
  • Microsoft’s Cortana
  • Amazon Alexa
  • and hopefully Apple’s Siri

decide to do what they do best – support the hardware and the proprietary operating systems they run on while offering OK Google convenience.

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