OK Google goes kid friendly this holiday

OK Google

OK Google is rolling out a series of new experiences for the Aussie kids to learn, play and stay entertained over the holiday break.

Of course, it needs a Google Home speaker or an Android smartphone. Parents need to give approval for children under 13 who can also have their own personalised Google Assistant experience when they log in to their account powered by Family Link.

Google Assistant has many games, activities and stories designed for families. Parents can also talk to children remotely.

“Ok Google – what can I do?”

OK Google, Play

  • “Lucky Trivia for Families”
  • “Musical Chairs”
  • “Musical Statues”
  • “Let’s play a game.”


  • “ABC Behind the News”
  • “Help me with my homework.”
  • “Tell me a fun fact.”
  • “How do you say, “Let’s have crêpes for breakfast” in French?”


  • “Let’s make ANZAC biscuits.”
  • “Play Kinderling Radio”
  • “Read the Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill” (Audiobook subscription required)
  • “Tell me a joke.”

GadgetGuy’s take – OK Google I am so glad my kids have grown up

Unsupervised use of any computing device should be highly discouraged. But the addition of Family Link that manages available apps regulates screen time and keeps an eye on kids activities is a great addition.

OK Google is going from strength to strength with noticeable, almost daily increases in capability.

Plus there are a plethora of new speakers from Sony, JBL Link, Sonos One, Panasonic GA10, Bose, and even some TVs like Sony’s Android TV.

We are particularly taken by the Sony. It has stronger bass and mid-range and slightly recessed treble – a warm and sweet, easy listening sound signature that Sony is famous for.

We also heard the new Panasonic GA10 (on our test bed now) and its 40W, 2-way, three speaker system promised big bass and room filling sound. It is also Bluetooth, Chromecast and Wi-Fi.

JBL’s Link series  shows the most promise for portable, waterproof sound (also on our test bed).

OK GoogleOK Google

What is next – pet whispering!