Ollo converts iPhones into full-on cameras with a studio clip

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The iPhone camera isn’t a bad little thing, but it shouldn’t be used for professional filmmaking. Some people are, however, and while there are apps for that, there are also accessories, too.

One brand that offers a few camera related accessories for the iPhone is getting its feet wet with a gadget that could make the iPhone a little more like a pro camera.

It’s from OlloClip, a company that has built extra lenses for the iPhone for some time, and in its most recent edition, the company is going beyond the lens upgrades to camera upgrades.

Now the iPhone isn’t a camera, so to upgrade the body of the iPhone OlloClip has had to build a speciality case that allows extras to be attached.

These extras make the crux of the OlloClip, providing a grip for fingers, a tripod mount, a kickstand to keep the iPhone standing up all by its lonesome, and a cold shoe adaptor for microphones.


“When designing the Studio system, we realised the user experience and application needed to be as simple and efficient as our lenses, said Patrick O’Neill, Founder and Chief Design Officer at OlloClip.

“The end result is the most intuitive and effortless way to grip an iPhone while filming and shooting photos, enabling users to be more immersed in the capture process than ever before.”

As a point, it’s worth noting that there is no lens with the OlloClip Studio, as this is merely casing for either the iPhone 6/6S or the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus, but it is casing that can work without the lenses OlloClip makes as well, meaning it should be fine with Apple’s own lens if you prefer to keep things simple.

“The new set of accessories and mounts are not only great for taking photos and shooting video, but also for new broadcasting applications like Twitter’s Periscope and social media favourites like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat,” said O’Neill.


Pricing for the OlloClip comes in at $149.95 with compatibility for Apple’s regular and plus-sized smartphone models, though isn’t made for any of the iPhone 5-styled models including the recently announced iPhone SE.

Likewise, OlloClip isn’t yet making the studio for any other smartphones, though we are checking. It’d be nice to see this concept on other devices with great cameras and not just those made by Apple.


We’ll keep checking, though, and bugging OlloClip. In the meantime, you’ll find the OlloClip Studio for either the iPhone 6/6S or iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus in select stockists around the country.