The choice for a super durable action camera is about to get very interesting, as Olympus throws its hand into the mix, returning to a world it helped make popular.

In fact, if you’ve ever owned a tough camera, there’s a good chance it was an Olympus. Before the humble action camera became a staple in the backpack and hand of every extreme sports hero and surfer, tough cameras were the goto item if you needed a camera to survive water, snow, and the expectation of drops.

Olympus has previously made some superbly solid entries in this area, but ever since the GoPro rocked up, we’ve seen the company go silent, even though other players like Panasonic and Sony were building their own equivalents.


But it turns out Olympus might have just been biding its time and coming up with its own concept, because this week, we have an answer: the TG Tracker.

A little different than merely “another action camera”, the Olympus TG Tracker borrows from design inspiration Olympus has previously used on its cameras to produce a slightly bulkier and meatier camera than the other players we’re seeing of late.

There are two coloured options — green and black or black and red — and this box takes ruggedised metal and wraps it around a camera that delivers a 4K Ultra HD video capture as well as 8 megapixel stills, with Full HD 1080p also possible from the camera.