Olympus Mju 1060 digital camera – 10.1 megapixel, 7x optical zoom

Olympus Imaging Australia have announced the introduction of the 10.1 megapixel, 7x optical zoom Mju 1060 digital camera – a slimline design with a new Intelligent Auto function that automatically applies optimum camera settings based on scene content. The Mju 1060 will be available in Australia from September 2008 for AU$449 RRP.

Olympus Mju series combines slim, stylish design with powerful 7x optical zoom performance that is made possible by state-of-the-art Olympus lens development technologies. The Mju 1060 draws on these technologies and includes the new Intelligent Auto function, making it the take-anywhere camera for the discerning photographers who still demands ease-of-use from their camera.

The Mju 1060 also features Olympus’ new Intelligent Auto function, which can be activated by setting the mode dial to “iAuto”. iAuto will automatically analyse scene content and apply optimum settings to suit the scene.iAuto provides solutions for situations the conventional Auto modes are not able to handle – such as macro shots or night scene shots that include people – enabling worry-free shooting by virtually anyone, in virtually any shooting situation.
The Mju 1060 includes Olympus’ renowned Face Detect & Shadow Adjust technologies to ensure that both human subjects and background scenery are properly exposed. Combined with iAuto, Face Detect & Shadow Adjust delivers beautiful photographs, in a wide range of situations, simply by pressing the shutter button. A large, 3-inch HyperCrystal LCD monitor is incorporated in the camera’s design, contributing to carefree shooting.

Mju 1060 packs a high performance, Olympus-developed, 7x optical lens unit and 3 inch HyperCrystal LCD display into an extremely slim body. However, there is no compromise in image quality due to the breakthrough achieved by Olympus in manufacturing the Dual Super Aspherical (DSA) lens element. DSA elements can do the work of several conventional elements, and make it possible to create extremely compact yet powerful zoom lenses. But DSA lens elements are also extremely thin in the centere, traditionally madking them difficult to manufacture. This breakthrough in lens manufacturing delivers a camera that is easy to carry, yet enables users to capture impressive high-impact close-ups wherever they go. For example, in situations where 3x zoom frames the subject from the knees up, and 5x zoom frames the subject from the waist up, 7x zoom fills the frame with the subject’s face.

In addition, the Mju 1060 features Olympus’ Dual Shakeproof CCD-shift image stabilisation system and high-ISO sensitivity to compensate for camera shake and subject motion that can cause blurring, particularly on high-power telephoto shots. Thanks to this dual protection, users enjoy fewer blurred shots even when shooting in low light or when photographing active subjects such as children and pets.

High quality image are also assured by the camera’s high-definition 10.1 megapixel CCD, and Olympus’ exclusive TruePic III image processor that accurately reproduces even the palest hues and skin tones to assure natural, true-to-life colour.

Intelligent Auto function (iAUTO)

Simply by setting the Mju 1060’s mode dial to “iAuto,” users can take advantage of the Intelligent Auto function, which automatically analyses each scene, and then applies optimum settings to help assure beautiful results. With iAuto, the camera will automatically apply one of the five most commonly used scene modes – Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Macro & Sports mode – which means users can enjoy worry-free shooting in virtually any situation, with no need to switch to a special mode for macro photos, night-scene portraits, or backlit situations, as is usually necessary with conventional Auto modes.

In addition, the Mju 1060 features Olympus’ renowned Face Detect & Shadow Adjust technologies that recognise up to 16 individual faces. In addition to ensuring that human subjects are in focus, Face Detect & Shadow Adjust also balances exposure values to ensure that both foreground and background elements are properly exposed. Even when shooting outdoors or with a window behind the subject, Face Detect & Shadow Adjust control helps assure beautiful results.

Advanced features for greater shooting ease

The Mju 1060 includes a variety of advanced features that provide greater shooting ease in a wide range of situations. It has a 3 inch HyperCrystal LCD screen with a wide viewing angle that makes it easier to see the screen when shooting or sharing images with large groups of friends, as well as automatically illuminated button icons that enable easy navigation when shooting at night or in low light indoors. There are also 20 Scene Program modes with a convenient guide function for easy selection, and a Comparison Window function to preview the effect of various exposure and color settings before shooting.

The Mju 1060 also offers:

  • Pre-capture movie function to ensure fewer missed shots
  • In-camera panorama image compositing with on-screen guide for camera movement
  • Universal Colour Design authentication for easier visibility for the sight impaired
  • Micro SD memory card recording and playback supported via MASD-1 Micro SD adapter (included)

Source: Olympus Imaging Australia