Olympus SP-565UZ digital compact camera

Olympus Imaging Australia has announced the introduction of the Olympus SP-565UZ digital compact camera. to its line-up and is scheduled for release in Australia in October 2008 for AU$599RRP. With a 20x zoom range that extends from 26mm wide angle to 520mm super telephoto1 the SP-565UZ covers the widest focal-length range currently on the market.

Incorporating the 20x optical zoom lens, the SP-565UZ is an all-in-one camera that sports Olympus’ high powered TruePic III image processor and Face Detect & Shadow Adjust technologies that deliver accurate, natural focus and exposure results for all-round performance in virtually any situation.

Main features

  • 20x optical zoom lens from 26mm wide to 520mm super telephoto range
  • Dual shakeproof CCD-shift image stabilisation system
  • 10-megapixel CCD, Face Detect & Shadow Adjust Technology, high-speed continuous shooting, and other high class shooting capabilities
  • 20x optical zoom lens from 26mm wide-angle to 520mm super telephoto range


The SP-565UZ’s powerful 26mm wide angle to 520mm super telephoto zoom range represents a culmination of Olympus lens-making expertise. Thanks to its super telephoto power, users can capture the look of concentration on a football player’s face as he prepares for a penalty kick, or the smiles of children waiting for the start of a school athletic event.

Offering 26mm wide angle capability, the SP-565UZ enables users to take even more dramatic landscapes, group photos, and interiors, and its 1 cm close-up shooting capability enables them to explore the world of macro shooting. With its wide zoom range, the SP- 565UZ packs all this performance into a single camera.

Image stabilisation system

To reduce blurring that can arise due to camera shake and subject motion – which tend to be a problem at high telephoto settings – the SP-565UZ is also equipped with a Dual Shakeproof CCD-shift and high ISO stabilisation systems. ISO stabilisation can utilise settings as high as ISO 6400, capturing images equivalent to five megapixels2 and ensuring high image quality even during high ISO shooting.

Shooting technology

With its high-definition 10 megapixel CCD, the SP-565UZ delivers superb image quality. The SP-565UZ features a new face detection technology enabling up to 16 faces to be detected, while featuring proprietary Olympus Face Detect & Shadow Adjust technologies. Unlike face-detection systems that set focus and exposure only for the face, Olympus Face Detect & Shadow Adjust technologies balance the exposure for both faces and backgrounds. In backlit situations where the subject’s face tends to be underexposed, conventional face-detection systems often overcompensate, causing the background to be overexposed. But with Olympus Face Detect & Shadow Adjust, exposure is adjusted to ensure that both people in the foreground and elements in the background are properly exposed.

The SP-565UZ’s advanced TruePic III image processor suppresses noise, ensures smooth edge reproduction, and faithfully reproduces even the palest colours, working in tandem with the camera’s 10 megapixel high quality image sensor, and high resolution lens, to achieve truly outstanding image quality. The SP-565UZ also offers the fast continuous shooting speed of 13.5 frames per second3. It’s a great way to capture football goals, golf swings, or any other fast-moving subject, and enables users to pick the best shot from the series. In addition, a Pre-Capture4 function reduces the number of missed photo opportunities by automatically capturing 10 frames in the camera’s buffer memory immediately prior to shutter release.

Bird shooting mode

The SP-565UZ incorporates a Bird Shooting Mode as the number of people who go to shoot birds tends to increase. With an optional teleconverter TCON-17 and Bird Shooting setting on the camera, it offers 1200mm focal length6 (47x zoom) enabling super telephoto shooting. It also offers the best auto focus movement to focus birds easily and fast shutter speed to decrease blur during the telephoto shooting.

Other features

  • Built in panorama mode for automatically stitched panoramas inside the camera
  • Smile Shot scene mode, using evolved face-detection technology
  • Optional FL-50R or FL-30R external wireless flash units
  • Advanced Super Control Panel for LCD monitor display of essential camera settings
  • Perfect Shot Preview with previews of various camera settings before picture is taken
  • Universal Colour Design authentication for easy visibility for the vision impaired
  • Micro SD memory card recording and playback supported via MASD-1 Micro SD adapter (included)

Source: Olympus