Omega WD9500

What it is


A 9 kg clothes washer and 5 kg dryer in one unit

Essential info

The WD9500 is a 9 kg capacity clothes washer plus a 5 kg tumble dryer in one, developed for compact laundry spaces. The washer/dryer takes up less than half a square metre of floor space.


950 x 630 x 780 mm (H x W X D)

What we liked

  • Nano technology to remove bacteria from the wash load
  • Four star energy rating for the energy used to wash and dry clothes
  • Four star water rating for the water used to wash clothes
  • Can program it to automatically switch from washing to drying cycle or only choose to perform one task (either to wash or dry clothes)
  • Two in one appliance saves space

And what we didn’t

  • That there is no WELS star rating program to indicate the water usage in a drying cycle of an appliance of this kind.

Inside information

For those who aren’t too sure about antibacterial technologies, Omega Appliances explains that the Nano Silver, comprising a static polymer, is safe and stable and will not have any adverse effects on human skin either by direct touch or through contact with clothing washed in it.

It uses 91 litres of water for a 9 kg wash.

Product trivia

This washer/dryer has a four star WELS rating. Four stars is the highest rating available and denotes a maximum of 15 litres of water used per 1 kg dry load. However, in Australia there is no labelling standard available to rate the amount of water that is used during the drying cycle.

More information

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Compact two-in-one appliance, four star water rating for wash cycle, four star energy rating
No industry standard water rating for drying cycle