OmniMount’s new ‘Ultra Low Profile’ series of television holders

Suffering from never being the sexiest of items in your home entertainment setup but probably one of the most critical over time, flat panel mounting systems fall mostly in the ‘incremental change’ category when new products are launched.

And so it is with OmniMount’s new ‘Ultra Low Profile’ series of television holders. So called not because they dress all in black and furtively dart from shadow to shadow in your lounge room when you’re not looking, but because they fit more snugly than ever before to the wall you hang your TV on, the ULP series can hold anything from a 26 incher to a 75 inch monster.

Protruding only 38 mm (1.5 inches) off the wall, the UPL mounts also have a handy ‘kickstand’ feature, lifting the bottom of the TV away from the wall and allowing a single person to get to the wiring around the back of the panel without help. All sizes of mount are made from steel with a classy anthracite powder coating, tilt up to 15 degrees and are available in medium, large and extra large for $299, $499 and $699 respectively.

OmniMount Ultra Low Profile series television holders