One Direction joins other celebrities with band branded ear and headphones

Fans of the pop sensation One Direction can now put on a pair of headphones showing off their adoration for the music put out by the band, with 1D cans coming to stores across Australia.

Two types of One Direction headphones are coming, with both on-ear headphones and in-earphones set to be sold, hopefully in time for Christmas, and definitely in time for 1D’s shows in 2013.

The earphones (above) look like your typical in-ear pieces, except in four colours – white, black, red, and pink – with the “1D” logo splashed on the earpieces and the cable, and arrive with a $29.95 recommended retail price.

Meanwhile the on-ear headphones (below) stick with the same colours, but offer interchangeable “snap caps” which can show your favourite members or the One Direction logo. The on-ear cans will be priced at $39.95.

While we’re not quite sure what these will sound like, with both sitting under a $40 price tag, they’ll probably be perfect for the teen in the family who is just completely obsessed with the British boy band.