ooGee uses special tech to keep its hats looking great in tough Aussie conditions

ooGee hats

Small Business Answers (our sister publication) recently interviewed Peter Walcott, a hat maker of 40 years and owner of a new Australian Hat company, ooGee.

Peter identified an opportunity to produce a range of stylish hats that would survive abuse in our tough Australian conditions.

This meant a hat that could be packed in a bag, didn’t mind taking a swim, and could be made from breathable materials to prevent its wearer from overheating. It would also need to provide UPF 50+ sun protection and fit well to avoid blowing away with the first gust of wind. Not a small challenge.

Two key innovations

To help make ooGee has successful, Peter developed two innovations – Flexibraid and Comfy-Fit.

Flexibraid allows you to conveniently flat pack your hat into a travel bag, while being able to return to its original shape once unpacked.

Comfy-Fit is an internal elastic strap with size adjustment that ensures the hat stays on your head – even with strong wind. This feature makes finding the right size hat just that much easier.

Peter also suggests wetting ooGee hats when it gets hot to keep your head cool. If it gets dirty, just rinse it off.

How to find a hat that fits?

Peter indicates that almost all hats will shrink, so always get one that feels a bit bigger and has a loose fit. Measure your head size by using a sewing tape where your hat will actually rest on your head. His ooGee hats are available in 3 sizes with internal adjustments on each and multiple colours.

Ogee Hats range in price from $88 to $125 and are available direct from ooGee or from Horseland and specialty and resort retailers.

Not only are ooGee hats Australian-made, but they also use Australian cotton, leather and recyclable materials.

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