Open up your videos, music and photos with the Neuros OSD

By Anika Hillery

The Nueros OSD (Open Source Device) is one of those new fangled ‘media extender’ thingies, a nifty device that delivers content from the computer and internet to the entertainment system in the living room.

Its principal functions are streaming and archiving; connected to a home network using the built-in LAN port, the Neuros allows you to watch videos downloaded from the internet and digital photo slideshows, and play MP3 music files through your home audio system. And being compatible with a long list of file types, it i s the ideal device for bringing YouTube to your television.

Neuros can record from virtually any video source – TV, DVD players, camcorders and VCRs – to a memory card, network hard drive such as a laptop, desktop computer or external hard drive, or a range of portable devices via its analog AV inputs. This means you can watch pre-recorded TV shows and home movies in your lounge room or store them on an iPod.

Based on Linux open-source software, the Neuros OSD constantly receives automatic, free software upgrades, so it won’t outdate in the same way as other digital media appliances, according to the local distributor, Lako Pacific.


The Neuros OSD has an RRP of $349.