OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W

OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W – for VOOC compatible phones (review)


There is no doubt that the OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W is fast – very fast. But one needs to always be in a tearing hurry to justify it.

OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W is perfect for those in the OPPO/BBK family that supports OPPOs innovative VOOC charging.

What is VOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging)

The easy explanation is that it requires two batteries in the phone, and the charger has two discrete charge channels (called parallel charge pumps) to charge both simultaneously. It halves charge time and is far kinder to the battery as it creates less heat and charge stress. It is patented and co-exists with USB-C Power Delivery (PD 3.0) and Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC 4+).

Excellent with two caveats.

First caveat: OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W is primarily for phones that support VOOC wireless charging. That means any OPPO FindX2 Pro (or later) – so it is essentially a niche product.

BBK siblings realme, vivo and OnePlus also have VOOC versions known as Dash Charge, Warp Charge, Super Flash Charge, and Dart Charge, so it will likely work with any of these to a maximum of its VOOC version and the phone wireless charge wattage (30W for FindX3 Pro).

VOOC versions

  • 2.0 (2015) is 5V/4A/20W (2 x 5V/2A)
  • 3.0 (2019) is 5V/5A/25W (2 x 5V/2.5W)
  • SuperVOOC (2018) is 10V/5A/60W (2 x 10V/2.5A)
  • VOOC 4.0 (2020) is 5V/6A/30W (2x5V/3A)
  • SuperVOOC 2.0 (2020) is 10V/6.5A/65W made possible by a Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger
  • OPPO has announced 125W chargers 20V/6.5A/125W (2 x 20V/3.25A) and a range of GaN chargers from 50W. You can read more about this announcement here.

VOOC is intelligent enough to sense what type of phone is attached, and with a standard single battery phone can revert to Qi wireless charge and PD or QC standards. That means from 5V/2A/10W to 10V/2.25A/45W less, of course, any wireless charging inefficiencies. OPPO claim over 90% efficiency on the FindX3 Pro – most Qi chargers seldom achieve over 80%.

Second caveat: To get 45W AirVOOC, you must use the 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charger that comes with the phone (not supplied – cost $65.95) and the special USB-A to USB-C dual-channel cable (one supplied). If you use a standard cable or lesser wattage wall charger the 45W closer to 15W.

OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W Model OAWV02

Price$99 inc free shipping
FromOPPO Online
Warranty12-months ACL
Country of ManufactureChina
CompanyOPPO is now #2 for Australian Android smartphone market share. It has achieved that by excellent product and after-sales service.
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First impression

White, desktop (not flatbed) charger 70.2 x 89 x 118.4mm x 180g (plus cable and wall charger). Desktop means that you can see the phone’s always-on display, so it can be handy on a bedside table. You can charge in landscape or portrait orientation.

It has six protections for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, over-current, electrostatic, and foreign body detection. It is fan-cooled – we could not detect any noise over 30dB.

The indicator LED flashes red if you place a non-wireless charge phone there.

Charge time tests (OPPO FindX3 Pro 30W air charge capable)

  • 0-50% in 18 minutes
  • 70% in 27 minutes
  • 100% in 50 minutes

How it fast charges?

Apart from the innovative dual channel/dual battery charge (as explained), electronics monitor the phone and negotiate the best voltage/amperage. Initially (when the battery is low) on the 30W FindX3 Pro, it pours 10V/1.5A x 2 channels (30W) into the phone. That accounts for the initial fast fill to 50%. Then it backs off to 10V/1.25A x 2 channels (25W) to about 70%, and then the remaining 30% is 5V/1A x 2 channels (10W). These figures are a little theoretical, and the charger delivers what the phone needs and keeps the battery temperature below 35°.

GadgetGuy’s take

OPPO does not have a phone that Air charges at 45W, so we will undoubtedly see one soon. The OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W has three parallel charge pumps to cater for that.

But I suspect this won’t be a volume seller, and that is OPPOs fault – well, in a good way.

The FindX3 Pro charges 0-100% in 35 minutes using the 65W wall charger supplied. Even on a 10W Qi pad, it is well under four hours and overnight on a 5 or 7.5W Apple pad. In short, the OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W is not a need but a want.

It is handy that it supports Qi, PD, QC charging but again, at this price plus a 65W charger, there are so many other lower-cost 5V/3A/15W options out there.


While it is unique and deserves extra points for that, it is overkill unless you have a compatible phone and don’t need to ask about the price.

OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W
There is no doubt that the OPPO AirVOOC Wireless charger 45W is fast – very fast. But you need a VOOC compatible phone and always be in a tearing hurry to justify it.
Value for money
Ease of use
Very fast charging for OPPO FindX3 Pro
Desktop style with landscape or portrait charging
No 65W SuperVOOC charger supplied so its a tad expensive
Use any non-VOOC charger and its a standard 15W Qi charger