Paris, 19 June 2018. Is 93.8% the winner? That’s the screen to body ratio of the new Oppo Find X smart phone, a model that Oppo must hope will propel it into the real prestige phone ranks. Of course there’s a lot more to it than that. But the “holeless front and rear design” could well be what makes this phone stand out from the competition.


Read here for the official facts and figures provided by Oppo. Before picking up the Oppo Find X, let’s quickly cover a few facts not included in the press material. First, the screen uses AMOLED technology, not LCD. Second, the 19.5:9 aspect ratio, 6.42 inch screen doesn’t shoot for the overkill resolution of some modern premium phones. Its uses 401ppi resolution – that’s the same as an iPhone 8 Plus. Of course, the iPhone has fewer pixels because it has a much smaller screen. In grid terms, the Oppo Find X offers 1080 pixels wide by 2340 pixels tall.

Is that disappointing? Not at all. Many higher resolution phones default to a 1080 pixel wide picture resolution in order to reduce power demands, and few users notice.

Oppo Find X

Almost no bezel

To be clear, there is no analogue headphone connection. The only holes in the unit are on the bottom. There’s a USB Type-C socket for power and USB On-The-Go connectivity, and an outlet for the speaker. Also on the bottom is the tray for the SIM. On the face of the section of the phone that slides up to reveal the cameras is the earpiece. The earpiece – the little speaker you put to your ear when making a call – is hidden on the retractable camera section of the phone. There appears to be an almost invisible slot at the top of the screen to let the sound out.

Finally, and unusually for a premium phone in 2018, the Oppo Find X is not waterproof certified. The company says that its fine for splashes and rain. My conclusion: take care not to drop it into any body of water.

Oppo Find X in the hand

Our editor has already written up most of the facts about the phone. What I can add is a little bit of hands on. The Oppo Find X will be available from August, so things can’t possibly be completely final yet. Nonetheless, there were a few dozen of the units at the launch, powered up, over which journos were politely squabbling. I managed to play with a couple of them.