OPPO gives a few hundred reasons to buy an R11s or Plus

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OPPO is offering free screen repairs for its R11s and Plus – items that can cost a few hundred dollars on competitor’s flagship devices.

Naturally, there are a few terms and conditions – it is on genuine Australian stock – not grey market or parallel imports and the offer is limited to up to six months after purchase.

OPPO recently took out the Canstar Blue Award for ‘Most satisfied customers’, and this is just another step in making sure it stays that way.

Michael Tran, Executive Director at OPPO, said, “We’re constantly looking for ways to provide added value to our customers. Back in 2014 we started shipping our devices with free screen protectors and cases, which was almost unheard of and really well received by our customers. With this latest initiative, we’re taking that a step further.

“We have complete confidence that the screens are of the highest standard and durability. However, even with screen protectors and cases, we know that accidents happen, which can be frustrating and costly for consumers. We hope this gives them added comfort, knowing that they’re covered, and a broken screen won’t break the bank,” he added.

In the first instance owners need to contact their retailer or Telco and devices are sent to OPPO’s workshop in Sydney where they can be repaired to factory standard by OPPO trained specialists.

Header image courtesy Finder.com.au.