Oppo offers a higher standard of Blu-ray player

Not all products are created equal, and Oppo is keen to prove a new $699 Blu-ray player can be better, supporting wireless networks, media formats galore, and even 4K upscaling.

Available later this year, Oppo’s BDP-103AU aims to support not just Sony’s popular high-definition Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D (BD3D) formats, but also DVD, DVD Audio, HDCD, CD, and even Super Audio CD.

A premium all-in-one playback solution, the player also includes three USB ports and support for both wired and wireless networking, able to pick up on local and network drives with media files ranging from AVI, AVCHD, WAV, FLAC, photos, and even MKV files, a format some drives won’t touch.

Inside the Oppo BDP-103AU, you’ll find a custom dual-core system on a chip processor with video processing supporting 3D conversion, 1080p24Hz, and even support for those new 4K TVs coming out with upscaling made for this purpose.

Two HDMI ports are thrown in too, so if you have two TVs or maybe a TV and projector, you can play to both simultaneously. One of these ports is on the front and can take video from Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) devices, such as smartphones.

Audio is taken care of with onboard decoding through Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, and the 7.1 channel output can even be configured for use in stereo, 5.1 channels, or 7.1.

Heading to stores in November, the BDP-103AU will come in at a recommended retail price of $699, fitting just under Oppo’s previous Blu-ray player, the BDP-95AU which retails at $1299.