Oppo Pad Neo sports an unusual book-like 7:5 aspect ratio

Oppo Pad Neo launch Australia

It’s officially new tablet season: Oppo has launched the mid-range Pad Neo in Australia, featuring a non-conventional screen size.

Just days out from Apple revealing its latest tablets, the Oppo Pad Neo comes with an intriguing point of difference. While iPads sport a 4:3 aspect ratio, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range comes in 16:10, Oppo has gone for something different. Made with a 7:5 aspect ratio, its new tablet claims to squeeze in slightly more screen space.

Oppo’s reasoning behind the novel shape is to closely replicate a book, suggesting it’s just as well-suited to reading as it is media consumption. A step up from the older Air model, the Oppo Pad Neo comes with an 11.4-inch 2408 x 1720 LCD screen, including a 260 PPI pixel density, which is higher than Kobo’s new colour e-readers (when displaying colour content).

Eye care is another major design factor behind Oppo’s latest tablet. Other tablets have advertised similar points of difference before, like the TCL Nxtpaper range. For Oppo, its tablet uses blue light-minimising technology baked into the hardware in addition to smart colour temperature adjustment settings. The tablet also carries Circadian Friendly and Full Care Display 2.0 certifications from independent testing firm TÜV Rheinland.

On the inside is a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of built-in storage. Like Oppo’s phones, the Pad Neo supports fast charging to the tune of 33W, supporting its 8,000mAh battery.

Dolby Atmos support comes included off the back of the tablet’s quad-speaker setup. And, if you need to take a quick snap, it also has an 8MP camera on the front and back.

Oppo Pad Neo price and release date

Out now in Australia, the Oppo Pad Neo costs $449 exclusively via the company’s online store. A $59.99 protective case comes separately, covering both sides of the tablet and functioning as a kickstand.

Space Grey is the only colour available, capping off the tablet’s understated design. Other than its display, the Oppo Pad Neo also has a content-sharing feature called Auto Connect. Like similar Android and Apple technologies, it enables quick sharing of files with compatible Oppo phones, in addition to cross-device notifications.

Ahead of a premium tablet drop from Apple, Oppo’s device provides a new mid-priced option in a sea of mobile devices. Will it make a splash in a stagnant tablet market? We’ll soon find out.

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