Oppo pioneers high-speed 15 minute phone charging

Forget about worrying if your phone has enough life before you go out on the town because a new technology is coming, and it will save your proverbial in the space of 15 minutes.

There’s no doubt that Mobile World Congress has provided some cool technologies, from the upcoming modular phone from LG to the dual pixel camera from Samsung, but one of the more useful technologies to come out of MWC is that of charging.

Here’s the thing: your phone is going to run out of charge, and these days, it’s likely it will run out before the end of the day, especially if it’s a flagship phone.

The simple truth is the more you pack in to a phone, the more it will likely run out of battery power. Sharper screens, better cameras, faster modems, and louder speakers all add to the often fleeting battery life of phones over $800, and so even if you have a massive battery at the back, you may not last the full 24 hours.

Battery technology is getting better, mind you, and phablets definitely have the edge, with bigger screens accomodating bigger batteries, but if you make a lot of calls and do a lot with your phone, good luck getting through the day.

The solution, however, may be a new type of charge that gets you back up to 100 percent in a matter of minutes.

For instance, if a company can get a recharge time down to about 15 minutes from zero to one hundred, your worried phone sitting at 30 percent will take even less to get it back up to a full charge.

This week at Mobile World Congress in Spain, Oppo has shown that it has the technology to charge that phone faster than ever with a new type of charge technology the company calls “Super VOOC Flash Charge”.


The term “VOOC” may look like jargon, and it is, but it does translate to something, meaning “Voltage Open loop multi-step Constant-current Charging”, and what it translates to is basically a charge technology that lowers the temperature of a slightly more power heavy charger while regulating the charge. In this new version, Oppo is using a new “super battery” with a new algorithm, which in turn charges the battery very, very quickly.

“With our commitment to equipping consumers with the best technology, Oppo invests great efforts in technological innovation,” said Sky Li, Vice President of Oppo and Managing Director of Oppo’s International Mobile Business.

“We are excited to share these breakthrough technologies with the world at MWC 2016,” said Li, adding that “they’re the result of our commitment to listening to consumers and valuing their feedback to create more delightful user experiences for them in the future.”

Checking in with Oppo’s Australian counterparts, we’re told that there is no confirmed launch date for the charge technology, at least not yet, with the concept in the final stage of testing with details to be released soon.

For now, you’ll just have to rely on that battery brick or any spare USB port you can find, but it might not be long until you’ll never have to worry about long life ever again.