OPPO says #AnEssentialThankYou


In April, OPPO invited essential workers to submit photos of essential Aussies doing their bit for Australia. #AnEssentialThankYou.

OPPO wanted to recognise essential workers. The purely altruistic idea #AnEssentialThankYou was born to showcase them on the biggest billboard in the southern hemisphere.

Well, the billboard is now live with hundreds of submitted photos, and OPPO just wanted to let you know.

The billboard is adjacent to Sydney’s Anzac Bridge. All costs are covered by OPPO to recognise and give back to those out there on the front line helping to keep Australia on its feet throughout the current pandemic crisis.


Michael Tran, OPPO Australia’s Managing Director. 

“We wanted to do something that projected positivity. We wanted to acknowledged that while so many of us found ourselves facing uncertainty, there was an army of Aussies who put on a brave face and tirelessly worked throughout the global pandemic. For us – to help keep our country running and maintain a sense of normality for their communities,”

“Hundreds of photos came from everyday Australian heroes, including supermarket saviours, healthcare heroes, sanitation workers, educators and all in between. We must recognise the very real and very different plights of all our essential workers.”

You can find out more about #AnEssentialThankYou and read featured essential worker profiles here.

An #AnEssentialThankYou to you to. Thanks OPPO!