OPPO trade-in program – adds great value to its phones


The new OPPO trade-in program has three aims – to make all levels of OPPO handsets more available; to help maintain the second-hand value of OPPO phones; and to promote brand loyalty. It aces those on all counts.

The OPPO trade-in programme is not dissimilar to those offered by Samsung and Apple. It shows that this brand (now the number three Android smartphone brand globally) has reached its competitors iconic status. OPPO has made its mark in Australia as the #2 Android vendor. It had about 25% of sales in 2020 (Samsung is still the leader with about 50% – Source Gartner).

Like any trade-in program, you get more for a late model in good order

AS well as its own phones, OPPO will trade Samsung, Apple, Huawei (Mate and P20/30), and Google Pixel 3 to 5 series. For example, if you have a Find X2 Pro, it is worth up to $707 (now selling for $999). The OPPO A91 (one of the best 2020 4G phones retailing at $399) gets a whopping $200. OPPO admits that part of that HIGHER value is to promote BRAND loyalty – well, it works for me!

OPPO Trade-in program
Superb 2020 phone – vegan green and orange leather

OPPO’s trade-in for Apple and Samsung is also quite generous. Both the 2020 iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 20 are worth $502. Unlike many trade-in programs, you don’t have to buy a more expensive OPPO phone. The trade-in value applies regardless of which model you purchase.

There is a great opportunity within the trade-in market as more Aussies look for quality devices at competitive price points. Telsyte research shows that smartphones sales priced between $300 to $1,000 increased by 14% in 2020 YoY. In contrast, sales declined in both premium (above $1,000) and budget (below $300) segments. We can give you great value back.”

OPPO Australia Managing Director, Michael Tran
OPPO Trade-in program

Eligible devices must be Australian stock – not grey market – with Australian carrier firmware.

The OPPO Trade-in program is here.

GadgetGuy’s take

Trade-in programs are now  part of the high-end smartphone scene. Samsung and Apple run similar programs a) for brand loyalty and b) to keep second-hand prices high. There is value in owning the brand. OPPO’s program is a very welcome one. Millions of Aussies have embraced the brand since its launch in Australia about seven years ago. It also means that people buying eligible trade-in models will still have good value when it comes to upgrading. More so to another OPPO. of course.

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