Optus adds a little bandwidth for big broadband buffs

Customers with an Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband account this week are in for a surprise as the company throws more data your way, useful in a world where our needs for more data appear to be increasing.

According to some new changes, if you’re running out of data, you’ll be able to add 1GB of allowance for $10 with an expiration of one week, 4GB for $30 with an expiration of one month, 7GB for $50 with an expiration of one year, or an astonishingly large 22GB for $130 with an expiration of two years.

In theory, that last one means you could grab an Optus mobile broadband prepaid SIM, plonk on 22GB for $130, and use it over the next two years within Australia, keeping a mobile tablet always on grid if need be, provided you didn’t go over the 22GB in that time.

If you happen to use your data regularly, however, Optus has said that the roll over for its mobile broadband prepaid options can now go up to 50GB, allowing you to keep a fair amount of your unused data, provided you still have some left.

If not, well, there’s always an aforementioned top up you can probably do.