Optus announces Galaxy Tab pricing, new budget tablet on the way

The much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab has been priced on a 24 month plan, giving consumers a way to get around the $999 price tag. In the mean time, there’s also a new budget iPad beater to think about.

Announced today, Optus customers will be able to grab the recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab for $0 on a $59 plan over 24 months, a fair difference from the outright price. That price includes 10-20GB of data with an estimated data value of $800 per month. Social networking will come free with the packages, however, providing unmetered access to the Optus Zoo, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook.

Meanwhile, Optus has also announced that a new budget tablet to compete with the Telstra T-Touch Tab will be available mid-December for $279. Much like the recently reviewed Telstra tablet, Optus plans to include up to 3GB of pre-paid data with the device when it’s released just before Christmas this year.


While we’re not sure quite what model Optus will introduce as its MyTab device, we suspect it could be the ZTE V9 (above), a 7 inch tablet that includes WiFi, 3G, a front and rear camera, Android 2.1, and weighs just a smidgeon over 400 grams.