Optus embraces BYO with 4G month-to-month plans

Sick of your current mobile provider? You’re probably not the only one, but if you were already considering making a jump to Optus, the telco is adding a plan to make it quicker, easier, and less dependent on a long-term contract to do so.

The new plans act in a similar way to prepaid, except work on a month-to-month contract, with the ability to change or cancel accordingly. It’s similar to prepaid, but with fixed payments and plan benefits similar to some of the Optus post-paid plans.

“Whether you’ve waited in line for five hours to buy the latest smartphone or are still using a five year-old mobile phone, Optus BYO plans deliver great value and all the rewards our post-paid customers enjoy,” said Optus’ Vicki Brady.

Three options are offered, two sitting on a month to month contract, while the third requires a 12 month stay.

Both the $20 and $40 per month options can go month to month, and with 200MB data included on the $20 plan and 1GB in the $40, while the $60 12 month plan offers up 2GB data per month and what Optus says is “unlimited” calls, SMS, MMS, and voicemail.

All three plans will work with the Optus 4G LTE network, provided you have a 4G-enabled phone, but the latter of these plans – the $60 one – will rise in price to $65 per month by July 1.