Optus goes high speed, delivers 4G to business customers

This week, Optus has joined Telstra in delivering high speed mobile broadband access to regions of Australia, taking advantage of a fourth-generation mobile network.

Since its launch in September of last year, Telstra’s 4G connection has been flying, showing mobile Internet speeds of up to 40Mbps in areas and providing faster than ADSL2 connectivity for handheld devices in the metropolitan areas around the nation.

Now, it’s time for Optus to show what it has been working on in this area.

The 4G USB dongle and 4G mobile WiFi hotspot Optus is releasing.

From today, Optus is making 4G services available to business customers using its network in Sydney and Perth, with the service starting on two devices, an Optus 4G USB modem and an Optus 4G mobile WiFi modem.

“Australian businesses want fast, reliable mobile broadband that lets them work flexibly, enabling new and exciting ways to interact and transact with their customers,” said Günther Ottendorfer, Optus Networks Managing Director. “Our investment in next-generation 4G mobile technology provides businesses with the choice of faster speeds over 4G, now backed by a stronger 3G network.”

The “stronger 3G network” comes from over a thousand upgrades to 3G sites across the country, boosting 3G performance in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, and Perth, with enhancements coming to Brisbane, Wollongong, Newcastle, and Adelaide later in the year.

Optus 4G connectivity in Sydney

That’s not all Optus has planned, with a faster 4G connection coming in 2013. Optus is testing an even faster technology for this system, with the 4G TD-LTE or “Time-Division Long-Term Evolution” network going into testing in Sydney.

This week, Optus showed just how fast the new network is, reaching speeds of up to 87Mbps at present time, with room to move.

“As Australians rely more on smartphones and other connected devices, our goal is to have one single integrated 4G network that utilises the latest LTE technologies to offer our customers a great 4G network experience,” said Mr. Ottendorfer.

For now, the new Optus 4G access will be available to business users in Sydney, Newcastle, and Perth from $35 per month for 10GB, with access coming to consumers later in the year.