Optus, HTC sing a song with the new Aria

HTC and Optus each get to add new notches to their Android belts today with the announcement of the HTC Aria, a slim new phone that aims to provide more power in a small package.

At just over 10 cm long and weighing only 115 grams with the battery, it’s not hard to see that this is one small phone. Despite the minuscule size, the HTC is packed with features. You’ll find a 5 megapixel camera on the back, a 2GB microSD included inside for storage (upgradeable to 32GB), Bluetooth 2.1, integrated GPS, tethered internet access over USB, and a 3.2 inch touchscreen.
With a glossy black feel all around the device, it’s hard not to get the feeling that this isn’t staring straight at the iPhone crowd. In fact, from the few minutes we had with it today, it almost feels as though it’s a smaller version of the highly praised HTC Legend, except without the aluminium shell or clickable buttons.
An Optus exclusive, the HTC Aria should be hitting stores from the middle of October and can be grabbed for $0 on a $49 cap plan over 24 months.