Optus nets Netflix, offers six months to users new and old

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Australia’s Netflix launch is barely two weeks away, and with iiNet providing unmetered access for its customers, Optus appears keen to get in on the action, going a little further for all its customers, not just the broadband ones.

From the time Netflix launches — March 24 — through to July 5, Optus will be letting its customers try out the Netflix service provided they’re resigning a 24 month contract on a $60 per month plan for home broadband or post paid mobile, or a $30 two year plan for postpaid mobile broadband. If you’re a new customer, you’ll get that six month subscription, too, so it’s not just a perk for current subscribers sticking with the service.

Prepaid mobile customers aren’t forgotten either, with a three month Netflix subscription thrown in with any prepaid phone or mobile broadband device.

“We know that while many Australians prefer to watch their favourite TV show or the latest movies from the comfort of their home, they also want portable content for their smartphones,” said Allen Lew, Chief Executive Officer of Optus.

“With our subscription offer, we’re giving customers all the entertainment they need in the one place, and the freedom to watch what they want, when they want it.”

"All Hail King Julien" should be arriving on Netflix in Australia when the service launches March 24.
“All Hail King Julien” should be arriving on Netflix in Australia when the service launches March 24.

While the cost of a monthly media streaming solution is one part of the package, data costs are another, but Optus will at least be quelling fears for excess usage for at least one side of your viewing world.

At home, Optus broadband customers will find their Netflix content unmetered, but only from April 17. We checked with Optus on why this is and it’s a technical reason, with the unmetered setup going into the system on April 17.

As for mobile Netflix usage, that will continue to be metered, so if you watch a lot of Netflix on the bus, the train, and anywhere else out of range of an Optus broadband network account you currently pay for, you’ll be paying the data for that time just like with any other website.

“Partnering with the world’s largest and most recognised internet TV service is a significant milestone for Optus as we look to bring a more superior TV experience to customers across our fixed and mobile platforms,” said Lew.

Watching Netflix on your mobile on Optus won't be unmetered, so expect data to be charged like normal.
Watching Netflix on your mobile on Optus won’t be unmetered, so expect data to be charged like normal.

Optus sends word that this bonus won’t go into effect until March 24, so if you’re keen to jump on, you probably won’t want to sign a new contract until then.