Big Optus SubHub deal saves on your phone and streaming bill

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Optus has swung back against the recent Hubbl hype with a massive deal for its SubHub subscription bundling platform.

The promo sees the Optus Plus Promo SIM Plan drop from $89 down to $69 per month for the first 12 months, tallying up to a $240 saving. Keen to throw in more value, the deal also includes $60 of credit to spend on streaming services through Optus SubHub. It may not be the cheapest SIM plan, but there’s a lot included for streaming enthusiasts and data-hungry users.

Foxtel may have dominated streaming discussions of late, launching new hardware designed to bring together subscriptions in one place. However, its Hubbl streaming box leaves a bit to be desired.

Optus, meanwhile, launched its SubHub platform in 2021, so bundling subscriptions at a discounted rate isn’t new to Australia. Between Optus and Foxtel, both platforms have their advantages. SubHub includes a discount of up to 10% when bundling eligible subscriptions, while Hubbl offers up to $15 off each month.

Hubbl’s larger discount is one advantage it has, although the only non-Foxtel service eligible is Netflix. It also requires you to use its own hardware instead of your preferred streaming device or smart TV OS.

Conversely, Optus SubHub just manages your subscriptions, letting you stream on any hardware. While its base discount isn’t as deep, more services are eligible, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Paramount Plus.

Even Foxtel’s own Binge is supported, alongside the likes of Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming service and NBA League Pass. Optus Sport isn’t included as a potential discount candidate, though.

The catch is that SubHub is only available to Optus customers on certain plans. Prepaid plans aren’t eligible, but the monthly postpaid plans are, which is where the current promotion comes in.

Optus SubHub deal details

Accompanied by a whopping 500GB of data each month, the Optus Plus Promo SIM Plan won’t leave you high and dry while streaming. As part of the current deal, you’ll receive up to $10 of monthly credit for six months, going towards any active subscriptions you have on SubHub. This adds on top of any bundled discounts, too.

The current offer is live until 4 August 2024, giving you plenty of time to mull things over. If this is way more data than you need, check out the current cheapest SIM plans to score a deal on your phone bill.

Between Optus, Foxtel, and Fetch, there are plenty of local players aggressively targeting the Australian streaming market. If you use plenty of data and subscribe to plenty of different platforms, this deal is worth a look.

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