Optus’ tethering plan for the iPhone 3G S

There’s been a bit of noise and wonder what telcos will allow the tethering feature of the new iPhone 3G S. Just in from Optus is their plan:

“From Monday 22 June Optus Post-Paid customers can use their Apple iPhone as a modem to connect to the Internet via a laptop or PC using Bluetooth or USB connection (tethered modem).

To access the internet tethering feature, Post-Paid Optus customers will need to add either a $9.99 ‘iPhone as Modem Access’ or ‘Bus iPhone as Modem Access’ pack. This will unlock the internet tethering feature and allow customers to use their iPhone plans included data for internet browsing from both the handset or via a computer and, for additional data allowances.”.

Please note, tethering is not available to Optus pre-paid customers.