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But if you still rely on a phone that can only access the 2G networks — say an old Nokia you just can’t get rid of — you’ll still have Vodafone to talk to, with the company telling GadgetGuy that it’s business as usual on our 2G network at this stage.

“We’re committed to providing an outstanding experience for every customer each time they use their device,” said a spokesperson for the company, adding that  “while demand for 3G and 4G is increasing, we recognise many customers are satisfied with a basic mobile service.

“We’re continually monitoring spectrum to balance the need for 2G, 3G and 4G services on the Vodafone network.”

That quote doesn’t mean Vodafone’s 2G network is safe either, mind you, and it’s only a matter of time before Vodafone pulls the plug on its 2G network, which would likely spell the end for the majority of dumb phones in this country and force everyone to upgrade once and for all.

At least if you do rely on one, you have some time, whether that means you’re upgrading to something that will be supported on a minimum of 3G or something faster (4G LTE), or are just planning to migrate to a telco that hasn’t made the GSM-ending announcement.