Optus to let prepaid users keep leftover data

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Prepaid users with Optus are about to get a little gift, provided they keep topping up, as the telco announces monthly data allowances will roll over, which should prove popular.

The move starts from Sunday, July 5, and will allow Optus prepaid customers on the “My Prepaid Monthly Plus” plan to take their unused data and roll it over to the next month provided they recharge monthly, allowing customers to keep data they’ve paid for but not found a way to spend.

The plans not only keep the data as the month rolls on, but also offers unlimited calls and text across the country, and the option of an extra 500MB of data for $5.

Beyond this, the charges for the Optus plan offer 1.5GB for a $30 recharge, 3.5GB for a $45 recharge, and 6GB for a $60 recharge, with a recharge before it expires allowing your unused data to roll over into the next month for another 30 days. Essentially, this means if you had 4GB left over and you spend $30 to recharge on the 29th day, you would have 5.5GB for the next 30 days.

“Customers hate losing their data and that’s why Optus is launching data rollover, so customers can have what they paid for and use that data whenever they want,” said Tim Cowan, Director of Mobile Marketing at Optus.

“Prepaid customers’ data usage varies month to month,” he said, adding that “they might consume a whole lot streaming sporting events one month and far less on holidays during another month. We asked prepaid customers across the country and 82% told us they don’t use all their data every month.”

The Optus plans go into effect this weekend.