Oregon Scientific RS109 Outbreaker Fitness watch

If you’re lacking for gift inspiration, a trip to Oregon Scientific’s website will get the creative juices flowing. The company does a range of nifty products perfect for dads, from wrist-attached heart rate and blood pressure monitors to wireless talking BBQ thermometers (the AW131, which can be bought for around AU$60).

The Outbreaker Fitness watch, in particular, is great for active dads – or dads who you think should be more active. It has a heart rate monitor, a barometer, an altimeter, weather forecaster, a calendar and an alarm. It also incorporates a stopwatch. More than all that, its got that outdoorsy sporty look that will make him feel like he’s the active sort, even if he spends most of the day lazing around watching TV.

The Oregon Scientific RS109 Outbreaker fitness watch has an RRP of $99.99.