Ostendo’s CRVD – that’s not a monitor… this is a monitor

Ostendo’s CRVD is quite the bit of video real estate. With an aspect ratio of 32:10, the 1055 mm wide curve of the screen offers a thrilling way to play games, or an uber productive way to work.

The 32:10 aspect ratio vs 16:9 and 4:3

As presented at the 2006 Computer Human Interactive Conference, multiple monitor screen bring on a 30% increase in productivity over a single monitor – and with its dimensions, the Ostendo CRVD offers a single monitor solution to the advantages offered by multiple monitors.

It’s a little harder for things in a game to sneak in from the side in ultra widescreen!

The Ostendo CRVD has a price of US$6,499. There’s been very few requests for the product in Australia, so if you’re all cashed up, you’ll have to import one yourself. One tentative enquiry for the monitor was from the Australian Department of Commerce – they must have been investigating the widescreen monitor in order to accommodate all the numbers generated by our healthy little economy.

Ostendo CRVD specifications

  • Diagonal: 43 inches
  • Native resolution: 2880 x 900 ‚Äì Double WXGA+
  • Curved seamless image: Yes
  • Radius of curvature: 48 inches
  • Response time: <0.02milliseconds
  • Dynamic range: 12-bit – 4,096 levels
  • Contrast: >10,000:1
  • Brightness (peak): 200 nits
  • Field of view: H90¬∞@ 24‚Äù x V30¬∞ @ 24‚Äù
  • Screen dimensions: W: 1055 mm x H: 386 mm
  • Pixel pitch: 0.36mm, 71 DPI
  • Aspect ratio: 32:10
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Input: Single link DVI-D & HDMI