OtterBox protects your smartphone and so much more


OtterBox started in 1998 with the dream of developing a waterproof box that could protect items that accidentally fell into the water.

Hence the name OtterBox – get it.

Today Otter Box (Australian website here) is more an underlying rugged protection technology that is hugely popular for its innovative and versatile styles.

Just thought you otter know – Otterbox is cool

OtterBox invited media for a night of Roar and Snore @TarongaZoo in Sydney to showcase its products and make us aware that it makes far more than smartphone cases.


But first Roar and Snore. Its an overnight at the Zoo seeing animals, listening to fascinating zoo keeper talks, partaking of food, drink and safari-style accommodation with spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour.


In otter news

In fact, Otter Box has cases and screen protectors for many iPhones, Samsung Galaxy/Note, Google, Huawei, and LG – some 504 to be precise.

Aww, get otter here!

No, it is true. We were all very impressed with the range of almost indestructible hard coolers, soft coolers, dry bags/duffels and Drybox protection.


You are otterly amazing

I was very taken by a Trooper 30-litre backpack soft cooler!

Significant otter

Mmm, the hard cooler looks pretty good too.

Not another otter pun

OK puns over. Buy Otterbox

Seriously if you want a phone case or an outdoors product go to Otter Box (website here) and have a look. We are going to give Otter Box outdoors products for Xmas gifts – solves that conundrum of what to get the person who has everything. Changes are they won’t have an Otter Box.

If you don’t by OtterBox for Xmas.