OULUOQI Link Bracelet for Apple Watch (replica)

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If you’re an Apple Watch owner, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to watch bands. You can choose from a wide selection of colours, materials, styles and prices. Some of the fancier aluminium ones can get fairly expensive, such as the popular Apple Link Bracelet. This retails for $679 on the Australian Apple store for the Space Black version.

If you’re in love with the Link bracelet but don’t have the budget, Ouluoqui from Lululook has a replica version that’s selling for just $82.24. You can find it online here. As there’s a pretty big price difference, you’d expect there to be a big quality difference too, right? I decided to swap my genuine Apple Link Bracelet for the replica to find out.

Comparing apples with apples

First off, the Ouluoqui Link Bracelet is made from a 316L stainless steel alloy, and has a nearly identical design including the butterfly closure clasp. Mine is Space Black, and there’s a silver version available too, just like the Apple version.

OULUOQI band compared to Apple Watch Link Bracelet, side by side from above
Apple Watch band on the right, OULUOQI band on the left.

The bracelet fits all series of Apple watches, and there are different models to fit Apple’s 42-44mm watches and the smaller 40-38mm ones.

When comparing, it’s really difficult to tell the two bracelets apart. The Ouluoqui is ever so slightly thicker in a few places, and, while similar in colour, the replica band has a slightly higher sheen than the Apple version.

OULUOQI band compared to Apple Watch Link Bracelet top, side by side from above
Both bands have the same bracelet clasp design. The Ouluoqi’s is at the bottom of the pic.

In terms of detail, I was surprised at how good the Ouluoqui replica actually felt, in terms of its weight, cut and finish. When wearing, each link in the bracelet stays where it should be, allowing enough travel for a comfortable fit.

Size wise, you can remove individual links from the bracelet, just as you can with the Apple version, and swapping bands is the same quick process.

OULUOQI band compared to Apple Watch Link Bracelet, side by side from a side angle, close up
Both have gorgeous detail and a great finish, however the OULUOQI is slightly thicker (front).

I’ve been wearing the Ouluoqui replica for about a month now. I can’t find any scratches, even on the clasp, and can confirm that the black aluminium is tough and long-lasting.

GadgetGuy’s take:

Overall, I have to admit that it is quite difficult to tell the difference between the the replica and original bands. Apple’s is just a bit thinner, so perhaps that little bit more elegant, but you would be very hard pressed to notice. So if you’re in love the Link Bracelet, but not enough to shell out $679 for it, the Ouluoqui makes a very, very good replica that adds a stylish, premium look to your Apple Watch.

Value for money
Easy of Use
Almost like the Apple original, but at a drastically reduced price
A little shinier than the Apple band, if that's important to you