Vizio is a relative newcomer to the flat panel market here in Australia. The 50 inch plasma P50 HDM is Vizio?s flagship screen, although it’s correctly called a ‘monitor’, as it doesn’t have any built-in TV tuners, analog or digital. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, as you’ll be wanting an external high-definition set-top box to get the most out of these screens anyway. The screen sports dual HDMI interfaces to keep the signal from the set-top box as clear and noiseless as possible.

The specifications of the P50 HDM are impressive, with a 10,000:1 contrast and 1000 cd/m2 brightness. The panel can also manage around 231 billion colours, if you’re counting.

For a new entry to a crowded market, the Vizio is impressive, and the price is quite competitive. Just remember to factor in the cost of a HD set-top box before you put your money down.

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