These clever USB-C rechargeable batteries address a huge issue

Paleblue rechargeable batteries
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It feels like nearly everything runs on batteries now. Although there are plenty of rechargeable devices now, a good portion of tech still relies on single-use batteries, which is an environmental nightmare. In an attempt to rectify the issue, Paleblue has launched its range of rechargeable batteries you can charge via USB-C.

It’s estimated that the overwhelming majority of single-use batteries in Australia end up in landfill. Various recycling initiatives exist, like B-cycle, which only addresses part of the problem. Government data estimates that 90% of handheld batteries, 728 million of which were sold in 2021, go to landfill instead of recycling centres. Lithium-ion battery waste is expected to continue, according to the CSIRO, as more devices adopt the technology.

When you see this data, you begin to see the reasoning behind the Paleblue battery range. A Utah-based company, the concept aims to reduce reliance on single-use batteries. Using lithium-ion technology, the company’s rechargeable batteries come in AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt, and CR1233A formats. Addressing a major environmental concern, they support upwards of 1,000 charging cycles, keeping them in use for far longer than their single-use counterparts.

Paleblue makes rechargeable batteries easier

While rechargeable batteries are nothing new, built-in USB-C charging is a fairly unique concept. Abandoning the need for a bespoke dock, each battery includes a USB-C port. By using the included USB-C to USB-A cable, you can charge multiple batteries at once via a regular wall charger, a power bank, or anything that supplies two amps of power.

Paleblue estimates that its AAA batteries charge in less than an hour, under two hours for AA, and slightly longer for larger sizes. Available online via the brand’s website and retailers like Amazon, the batteries start at $49.95 for various multi-packs.

Paleblue rechargeable batteries xbox controller
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So many devices still rely on additional batteries to work. Just looking at my desk, my computer mouse and Xbox controller need them, as do plenty of other household gadgets like TV remotes, cameras – the list goes on. The Paleblue batteries look like a solid idea that makes choosing a rechargeable option a little easier.

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