Palm Treo Pro

Reviewer: Alex Kidman

Palm’s latest smartphone, the Treo Pro, is probably the easiest-to-use smartphone we’ve encountered.

It’s fully 3G compatible, and carries the Telstra Blue Tick, indicating it’s a good choice for country users who don’t currently have that many choices when it comes to smartphones.

The Treo Pro’s keyboard feels smooth but was easy to use in our tests. It’s also possible to use the Treo Pro as a touchscreen phone if that’s more to your taste.

We were particularly impressed with the Treo Pro’s rock-solid battery life. A lot of smartphones start to suffer if they’re more than a day away from a charger, but the Treo Pro lasted well into a couple of days of moderate use in our tests.

If you’re a business user who’s often away from the cities and always forgetting your charger, then the Treo Pro is a very good choice indeed.

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