Pamper Mum with Joh Bailey grooming gear


Mother?s Day gift hunters looking to give mum a wellbeing boost should check out Joh Bailey?s new manicure sets, a facial sauna, a foot spa and digital bathroom scales.

Packed in a lightweight carry case, Joh Bailey?s seven piece manicure set (JBWB002 – $29.95 RRP) offers four accessory disks plus a drying fan, an aluminium eyebrow trimmer and eyelash curler This unit runs on AAA batteries.

If you prefer a rechargeable manicure set, there?s the JBWB001 with nine pieces and five disks including a polishing disk, fine and rough skin remover, fine and rough skin remover, a shaping disk and a cuticle lifter. This set includes a drying fan and is packed in a leather carry case ($49.95 RRP).
For mums wanting to open up their pores with the convenience of a facial sauna at home there?s the Well Being Facial Sauna featuring a lock-on facial mask, PTC heater, an LED light indicator which indicates when the correct water temperature is reached and a measuring cup. Or use it to beat the winter flu and clear the nasal passages by adding a drop or two of tea tree in the water tray ($29.95 RRP).
Replace your old bathroom scales with the JBW005 digital scales ($59.95 RRP). They calculate fat, water and muscle ratios as well as overall body weight. If you want scales with a memory function, try the JBW006 ($39.95 RRP) which stores and compares current weight readings to the last record. Both models feature 8 mm tempered safety glass and have a 180 kg weight capacity.
Tired feet will appreciate the Well Being Foot Spa ($49.95 RRP) with an air bubble output, inbuilt foot massage roller and two massage hard brushes. The Foot Spa features massage vibration and the rotary control has four settings.

Source: Joh Bailey