The HBT700 is 3.1, 376W and loses Chromecast, multi-room and Google Assistant.

The HBT510 is 2.1, 240W, and gains Chromecast, multi-room and Google Assitant.

Price (all have an HTB prefix)

  • 900GNK July $1349
  • 700GNK July $899
  • 510GNK Now $549

GadgetGuy’s take

Dolby Atmos is the go and Panasonic are using psychoacoustics to trick your mind into believing sounds are coming from overhead etc. The effectiveness depends a lot on room size and layout. It’s a shame that it did not bring in a high-end 7.1.4 system as Samsung and LG have – after all, if you drop $8K on the GZ2000, you want the best possible Dolby Atmos experience.

Blu-ray – UB150

It joins last year’s premium DP-UB9000 reference class Blu-ray ($1649) that does everything

And entry-level, ($279) HDR10+ that supports Dolby Atmos but down mixes Dolby Vision to HDR10+.

Panasonic 2019 AV range

Micro System PMX92 and Mini System AKX320

The PMX92 micro ($549) has AUX-IN Autoplay feature, which makes listening to streamed music via devices such as Chromecast Audio completely effortless – the system will automatically switch on and select the correct input.

Panasonic 2019 AV range

It features

  • Bluetooth, FM/DAB+ radio and CD playback
  • Hi-Res audio
  • Optical input for TV
  • 120W, 2.0, three-way speaker using Panasonic’s LincsD-amp

The AKX320 mini ($359) has 450W, 2.0 and features a slew of DJ effects compatible with the MAX Juke app.

Panasonic 2019 AV range

It features

  • USB and CD/DVD playback, FM radio
  • Bluetooth 4.2 SBC


Full details here

  • HD610N ($499.95) over the ear, noise cancelling wireless, Hi-Res, headphones with Google Assistant and Bluetooth compatibility and comes in a choice of black or copper colours.
  • HTX90N ($299.95) over the ear, active noise cancelling wireless headphones, retro styling studio, 24-hour battery and Google Assistant in matte black, vanilla white and indigo navy.
  • HTX20B (119.95) wireless, in-ear buds, 8 hours battery, 8.5 hours playback