Panasonic 2020 domestic appliance range (update)

Panasonic 2020 domestic appliance
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The Panasonic 2020 domestic appliance has just been updated with the addition of a 44L microwave, tray-style convection microwave and a portable electric benchtop oven.

We like to follow Panasonic domestic appliances as they usually add that little extra that you don’t get elsewhere, be it build quality or features.

Panasonic Microwaves has just received the Canstar Blue 2020 Award for Most Satisfied Customers.

These are announcements to let readers know what alternatives they have. We hope to review some of them soon.

Panasonic 2020 domestic appliance range updates

Panasonic 44 Litre Microwave  (Website here)

Its 44-litre models are the second-largest benchtop microwaves in Australia. The largest goes to the LG NeoChef 56L (announcement here).

Big families need the space, and the 1100W’ cyclonic inverter’ cooks bigger portions that much better.

The range includes four models – all have 44 Litre, 380mm wide cavity, 1100W Cyclonic Inverter Microwave, Genius Sensor Cooking, Turbo defrost and Quick 30 functions. Built-in trim kits are available.

  • NN-SD79L Ergonomic dial, stainless steel face and half mirrored window, $549.00
  • NN-ST78L Touchpad panel, black glass door, white backlit display, stainless steel face. $499.00
  • NN-ST75LB/NN-ST75LW black or white with minimal framing. $399.00
Panasonic 2020 domestic appliance

Panasonic NN-CS89L all-in-one Convection Microwave Oven (Website here) $1299

 This is a convection, grill, steam or microwave 4-in-1 but instead of a turntable, it has two slide-out ‘flatbed’ shelves to make the best of the 31-litre capacity.

Panasonic 2020 domestic appliance

It is certainly one we would love to review (hint, hint Panasonic) because it is quite different from other convection combos.

For starters its 500mm wide, 480mm deep and 391mm high which should fit most microwave cupboards/shelves. However, it’s flatbed design suits countertop or under counter use.

Panasonic 2020 domestic appliance

The grill is 1300W, the oven goes to 230°, steam uses the 1300W (and an 800ml water tank), and it has a 1000W inverter microwave. Add to that combi cooking (with the right cooking utensils – not metal), and it is a great small family replacement.

The key to combo cooking is to learn to cook using the strengths of the machine. It is not a ‘serial device’ – cook one thing then the next – but a multi-purpose device with very short pre-heat times. For example, if you cook a roast you

  • Put in the harder vegetables with the meat
  • Take them out before the meat is cooked
  • Add the softer vegetables
  • Take the meat out to rest
  • 15-30 minutes later before plate up you pop the harder veggies back in to get them back to heat

These ovens are also great for pizza, cheesy toast, pies, chips and everything you use the old oven for.

Panasonic Portable Electric Benchtop Oven NB-H3801KST (Website here) $389

As kitchens get smaller, we see the move to 2-plate cooktops, combo microwave/convection ovens and smaller portable cooking appliances that don’t always live on the benchtop.

This is 38 litres, 533 x 392 x 364mm x 10kg. Its best use is for granny flats and small kitchens where all you need is an oven. Note it uses 230V/6.5A/1500W, so you still have about 3.5A left on the circuit.

Panasonic 2020 domestic appliance

It has a top and bottom independently controlled 750W element and can go up to 230° as an oven or grill. The supplied enamel baking tray is 347 mm×254 mm×20 mm. it also comes with a rotisserie spit and crumb tray. The fermentation mode is 40° and perfect for dough proofing or homemade yoghurts.

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