Panasonic adds two washing machines, Stain Master wants to clean your filthy clothes

Panasonic has just expanded its home appliance lineup to include two new washing machines, each including features to not only help save the Earth, but also help save your clothes from stains.

The new 10 kg-capacity NA-140VX3 and 8 kg-capacity NA-148VX3 washing machines feature easy to read LCD screens, a design aimed at reducing noise during the wash cycle, and a water supply system that uses five multi-directional showers.

Panasonic’s new models also feature the EVONAVI technology based on 3D sensors used to measure the amount of water and energy needed for each wash. This technology was previously introduced in two models released earlier this year and can save both electricity and water when compared with appliances lacking the technology.

One new feature, however, is Panasonic’s “Stain Master”, a technology programmed with 23 stain treatments to get rid of even the most common and persistent stains, including lipstick, coffee, oil, and wine.

“With the ‘Stain Master’ feature the machine does the hard work for you, using the optimum setting to best remove the stain, and the handy LCD screen means you never have to check the instruction manual,” said Prue O’Loan, Product Marketing Manager for Panasonic Australia’s Small Appliances and Whitegoods division.

The two new models seem to include the same technology, but are differentiated only by size – 8kg and 10kg load capacities. Both feature an energy star rating of 4.5 and are available for $1,199 and $1,499 RRP respectively.