Panasonic adds WiFi to a mirrorless model

You’ve gone to the effort to buy lenses and take some seriously good photos on that holiday, but now you’re wondering how to get those pics across to your phone for easy Instagramming. Previously, interchangeable lens cameras lacked the necessary hardware, but a new one from Panasonic will support it.

The latest camera to join Panasonic’s flagship “G” series, the G6 is a high-end interchangeable lens camera with a half second start-up time, improved focusing, and a 16 megapixel LiveMOS sensor capable of shooting some decent video alongside the high resolution images.

Unlike most compact interchangeables we see, there is a live viewfinder and a screen on the back, with the first of these being a 1440k dot OLED screen, while the latter – the rear screen – features 1036k dots and can be rotated and shifted to various angles, as well as touched thanks to the touchscreen built in.

Low-light is one of the things Panasonic has apparently thought about in the G6, and this camera supports up to ISO25600, as well as some work done in the sensors to minimise noise in darkened areas.

Shooting quickly has also been worked on, and the G6 will be capable of firing of 7 frames per second at 16 megapixels, running out at 40 frames, or just under 6 seconds.

And then there’s that nifty feature we mentioned at the beginning of the article: wireless support.

For the G6, Panasonic has thrown in support over 802.11 b/g/n, and like the Lumix compacts we saw earlier in the year, added Near-Field Communication to make it easy to connect devices supporting NFC.

We’re guessing the app is the same one used on the compact cameras, and given that transfers can be close to instant on iOS and Android where the app is supported, this seems like a great option. Those of you without the app – think Windows and Mac OS – might be able to login using the WiFi, but you’ll still be able to plug in a cable, as that’s not being removed from the camera any time soon.

Other features include 19 arty filters, a better Intelligent Auto mode, Panasonic’s “Scene Guide” which acts as a how to for shooting photos by showing you works from master photographers, and support for sound recording in Dolby Digital.

Pricing for the Panasonic Lumix G6 hasn’t been announced yet, but we suspect we’ll hear more within the next couple of months.