Family captures and enthusiast movie makers may have a new outlet to explore when it comes to creative story telling, as Panasonic introduces a 4K video camera that can capture a second camera angle that the camera’s lens isn’t being pointed at.

Arriving for Panasonic in the next month will be a new video camera that could really get those creative juices flowing, providing parents with a way of grabbing video of several kids at once, while also offering movie makers a way of thinking out of the box.

It’s called the WX970, and it’s another 4K Ultra HD capable camera made for people who have one of those new fandangled 4K TVs and really want something to show on it outside of the trailers and off demo video you can find online. With UHD content lacking at the moment, 4K videos that you can shoot yourself are among the only things that you can actually put on a TV that will be in a native resolution, with phones able to shoot to this resolution now also.

But while 4K camcorders aren’t new for Panasonic, the company is throwing a few new extras in there to make the WX970 more compelling.

For instance, there’s a new lens system to grab 20x optical resolution in that 4K resolution working alongside a fast auto-focus technology, making Ultra HD video possible even from a distance, ideal if you’re planning to go on vacation and want to capture your destination in its entirety for that 4K screen at home.

There’s also a high-dynamic range movie mode that capture 50 images per second and combines them in real time, to provide balanced lights and darks, similar to an HDR image, except with video, as you’d expect.

But it’s the “twin camera” idea Panasonic is bringing to the table that intrigues us the most, with the WX970 incorporating a small secondary camera along the edge of the LCD of the camera, sitting on a rotating piece that means you can position an extra camera to aim at something else.