Panasonic joins the 4K world in 2014

If there’s one TV manufacturer we haven’t much from in regards to Ultra HD, it’s Panasonic. There was a brief mention at last year’s CES about it, but little more last year. In 2014, though, that changes.

Announced this week, Panasonic will be joining big time players such as Sony, Samsung, and LG with a 4K Ultra High Definition TV this year, with the AX800, a TV that will span two sizes, including a 58 inch and a 65 inch model.

The TVs will include a new LED backlight designed to provide a wider colour gamut producing what Panasonic describes as “accurate colour expression,” strong contrast from the Local Dimming Pro backlight control, and an upscaling engine for the 4K resolution which Panasonic calls “4K Fine Remaster Engine.”

It will also be one of but only a handful of 4K TVs supporting THX certification, joining Sharp in that area.

Smart TV technologies will be included, and support for 4K over the HDMI 2.0 standard is also here, supporting the H.265 film standard.

As for pricing and availability, Panasonic’s local arm hasn’t announced anything yet, but we’re hoping for news about this by the middle of the year.