Panasonic rolls 4K to another mirrorless, this time with weather-proofing

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Keen to get some 4K video captured for that new 4K TV, but you just know you’re going to get caught in a rain storm? Panasonic has a camera just for that.

This week, Panasonic is introducing a camera built for 4K shooting and survival in the outdoors with a magnesium alloy design that has seen a degree of weatherproofing applied to it, making it ideal for capturing video in the rain, or even photos if you must.

The camera joins the long-running “Lumix” range of products and is entered in as the GX8, boasting a 20 megapixel sensor, ISO supported to 25600, 4K video, 4K image-burst shooting like with the recently announced G7 camera, and support for 802.11n WiFi and Near-Field communication to let the GX8 get controlled by a smartphone or tablet.


One feature is here that we’ve not yet seen on a Lumix, and that’s a dual image stabilisation system that can correct for camera shake in both the body and lens (provided the lens is new enough), relying on a 4-axis system in the body and a 2-axis system in the lens. Videographers can rely on a 5-axis optical image stabilisation system — not quite the 6 used for stills — when it’s time to capture motion.

That sounds mighty useful, but the weather-proofing certainly grabs us more, with resistance to dust and water thrown in here, making you less likely to run for cover when the clouds start to gather and look all gloomy.


“This camera is a compelling solution, with an amazing wealth of features,” said Doug Campbell, Senior Product Manager for Imaging at Panasonic. “We’ve selected the very best for demanding photographers – from brand new technology and outstanding image quality to excellence in ergonomic design.”

“Also, GX7 aficionados will be pleased to see we’ve taken their feedback and introduced a splash and dust proof body, a microphone input for professional video recording, and a free-angle design for the rear monitor,” he said.


The back of the Lumix GX8 won’t just be a singular LCD affair, either, with a 3 inch “free-angle” OLED screen on the back, as well as a small OLED live viewfinder that can be pulled out and shifted to a few angles of its own.

And the body of the GX8 is worth mentioning not just because of its reliant on magnesium, but because it will have numerous buttons and controls, front ands rear dials, and eight programmable buttons. Yikes.


Pricing on the Panasonic Lumix GX8 starts from $1399 for the body only, though it will arrive with a 14-42mm single lens kit for $1499, a twin lens kit (14-42mm and 45-150mm) for $1699, a 14-140mm lens for $1999, or a pro-grade lens — the 12-35mm f/2.8 — for $2399.

Availability on the Lumix GX8 will be in September, where you’ll find it in camera and electronics stores in either black or silver with black.