Panasonic RP-HC101 noise-cancelling headphones

Panasonic has introduced the new, lightweight RP-HC101 headphones, the latest addition to its noise-cancelling headphone range.

Weighing only 58 grams, the new HC101 headphones feature a convenient, flat-folding design so you can easily pack them away. The headphones also come with a carrying pouch, to keep them protected when not in use.

The HC101 headphones provide excellent noise-cancelling performance, reducing noise by up to 83 per cent. This maximises the quality of the audio by reducing the disruption from ambient noise generated by engine sound, air conditioning systems and fellow travelers on flights, buses, trains or trams.

The RP-HC101 has several convenience features including a mute switch; an aeroplane plug adaptor so that you’re able to enjoy in-flight entertainment in high quality audio; a noise-cancelling controller; and volume control switch to easily manage the volume, for a more enjoyable and personalised listening experience.

Price and availability

The RP-HC101 lightweight noise-cancelling headphones have a recommended retail price of $169rrp and are available from leading duty free stores and consumer electronics retailers.